DSI (Direct Steam Injection) Steriliser

The HRS DSI Steriliser is a process system for the continuous direct aseptic Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treatment of high quality aseptic products.

Using direct steam injection for continuous UHT treatment is commonly used for heat-sensitive low-acid products such as plant-based milks, ESL (extended shelf life) products, cream, desserts, and many other dairy products. The process is also suitable low viscosity products with small particulates such as soups and sauces, non-dairy creams, and starch-based products.


For Efficiency and Product Quality

The system works by rapidly injecting steam into the product, instantly heating it to the ultra-high temperature, this is immediately followed by condensation in around 0.1 second equalising the temperature. Short heating time and high sterilisation temperature ensures that product taste and colour are not damaged while microorganisms and spores are neutralised. With DSI there is minimal fouling so more uptime and lower cleaning costs are achievable.


Cooling of the product is carried out in a flash evaporation/condensing vessel ensuring product is cooled rapidly. A pump maintains the vacuum and is controlled to ensure the correct volume of water is added (this correlates with the amount of steam added) The vessel is designed to minimise carry over and loss of flavour.


Minimising Product Loss

The HRS DSI system includes double balance tanks, a water tank, and a dual-purpose CIP tank for batch cleaning and as a second water tank which is used when water to product changeover is performed. This ensures a fast water-to-product interface. The system is designed to minimise the mixing time and is controlled to ensure product losses are kept to a minimum.


Great Energy Savings Potential

As with all HRS Corrugated Tubular Heat Exchangers designed for use in the hygienic industries, the DSI is fully cladd in stainless steel for cleanability and has the option for insulation to prevent the inefficient loss of energy i.e. heating or cooling, whilst also providing protection for operators from hot or cold surfaces.


Up to 30 000 l/h, as with all HRS process systems the DSI is designed specifically to meet our customer’s needs.


The HRS DSI Series is suitable for the following products and applications:

  • Plant, nut and seed milk types:  Almond, Oat, Soya, Coconut, Hazelnut, Rice, Cashew
  • Extended Shelf Life (ESL) Products
  • Cream
  • Other heat-sensitive low-acid products
  • Low viscosity products with small particulates e.g. soups, sauces, non-dairy creams and starch products


Applications related to DSI (Direct Steam Injection) Steriliser

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