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News - Month: October 2016

Annular Space Heat Exchangers Benefit Conventional Scraped Surface Applications
October 26, 2016 Categories: Food

Traditionally scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) technology has been the preferred method selected by processing lines for heating and cooling viscous products. Triple tube corrugated tubular heat exchangers, commonly known as annular space heat exchangers (AS Series) can be utilised in many applications as pre-heaters or pre-coolers prior to the SSHE. The HRS AS Series…

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HRS India Offers New Variants for Food Evaporation Systems
October 19, 2016 Categories: Food

Highlighting our established expertise within the pulp processing sector, HRS India has gained an impressive number of orders for our food evaporation systems. The combination of our technology partnership with key clients has played an integral role in securing new growth within India’s food market. Carefully tailored to meet the challenging requirements for fruit processing,…

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HRS BP Series vs Other Pumping Technology
October 10, 2016 Categories: Opinion Piece

HRS BP Series Piston Pump vs. Progressive Cavity Pumps Pumping inside a helical pump, progressive cavity pump or mono pump is based on a rotor and a stator. The rotor has a helical shape that turns inside a stator made of elastic material. The stator contains cavities in order to create chambers of product that…

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