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News - Month: November 2016

HRS Becomes Founder Members of The World Biogas Association
November 15, 2016 Categories: Environmental - Opinion Piece

HRS Heat Exchangers are proud to announce our recent alliance with the recently launched  World Biogas Association (WBA). With a key focus on managing energy efficiently across the Anaerobic Digestion sector, HRS has partnered with the WBA as founder members to help the association to further develop growth and sustainability across the international AD community….

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Recovering High Value Products Helps Food Factories Maximise Returns
November 16, 2016 Categories: Food

When processing any kind of remotely viscous food product it is inevitable that a certain amount will adhere to surfaces, such as the inside of vessels and pipe work, or become left in equipment after processing. The potential value of this lost product can soon add up, especially when handling large quantities of viscous, valuable…

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Introducing the New HRS MP Series Multitube Heat Exchanger
November 8, 2016 Categories: Food - Industrial

HRS Heat Exchangers are pleased to announce the launch of the new HRS MP Series Multitube Heat Exchanger; the HRS MP Series is the latest innovation from our Product Development Centre. Ideally placed for hygienic and industrial applications, the HRS MP Series is a complete stainless steel multi tube design with multiple passes on the…

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