UK AD & Biogas 2018, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK 11th-12th July 2018

Вторник Октябрь 31st, 2017
ADBA - HRS Heat Exchangers

HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase their latest ultra-energy efficient digestate technology at the annual UK AD and Biogas exhibition, held at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK from 11th-12th July 2018.

UK AD and World Biogas Expo returns for its’ 9th year dedicated exclusively to anaerobic digestion and offers the world’s leading international technology and product suppliers under one roof, along with some of the most engaging and knowledgeable minds in the industry. This free event includes a conference, exhibition and seminar sessions over two days examining the progress of our industry’s contribution to the 2020 climate change deadline.

The exhibition reaches out to thousands of visitors, offering the perfect platform to discover the latest technology for this vast market; ranging from sewage treatment and food waste to farm and small-scale plants.

For more information about our presence in the show, please contact or you can visit the UK AD & Bioresources website.

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