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Пастеризатор соков, пюре, гаспачо, супов, бульонов и соевых напитков
Вторник Июнь 20th, 2017 Categories: Пищевые продукты

Предлагаемые компанией HRS пастеризаторы дают возможность управлять всеми стадиями тепловой обработки продукта (нагрев-выдержка-охлаждение), используя метод HTST, когда продукт подвергается высокотемпературному воздействию в течение короткого промежутка времени. Это высокоэффективный процесс, позволяющий провести качественную стерилизацию и гарантирующий получение желаемых характеристик продукта. При этом потери питательных свойств продукта минимальны. РАСЧЕТНЫЕ ПАРАМЕТРЫ Пример типичных параметров проектирования: Продукты Натуральные цитрусовые…

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Size matters: selecting the right heat exchanger for your food processing needs
Вторник Май 9th, 2017 Categories: Пищевые продукты

By Arnold Kleijn, Product Development Manager, HRS Heat Exchangers Thermal processing is an essential part of food production. Whether cooking, pasteurising or sterilising, or heating or cooling a range of products, it’s a safe bet that most food producers will be using a heat exchanger to carry out their thermal processing requirements. Yet, with such…

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Fighting climate change with anaerobic digestion
Среда Апрель 5th, 2017 Categories: Пищевые продукты

The scientific consensus on climate change is now well established. 2016 was the warmest year on record, and it is clear that in order to avoid the very worst effects of climate change, we need to use every available tool to decarbonise as many aspects of society as possible, from energy generation and transport, through…

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Annular Space Heat Exchangers Benefit American Dairy Manufacturer
Понедельник Февраль 20th, 2017 Categories: Пищевые продукты

A leading American dairy manufacturer selects HRS annular space heat exchangers to overcome several processing challenges within their existing processing line. HRS offered a compact single pass system incorporating triple tube technology, in place of the existing system, which was previously run in parallel lines. Designed to withstand high pressure operations, HRS AS Series hygienic…

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Leading American Fruit Processor Selects HRS Pasteurisation Technology
Среда Февраль 15th, 2017 Categories: Пищевые продукты

HRS Heat Exchangers USA has recently been awarded an order to supply a bespoke hygienic pasteurisation system for a leading fruit processor. The efficient system incorporates 3-off HRS UNICUS Series reciprocating scraped surface heat exchangers, with the addition of an HRS BP Series piston pump. The patented HRS UNICUS Series is ideally placed for high…

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HRS India Offers Aseptic Pilot Plant for Tea Concentrate
Четверг Декабрь 8th, 2016 Categories: Пищевые продукты

Our focus on enabling customers to increase energy efficiency based on application engineering is a unique proposition. For food processing, HRS offers an additional advantage to processors with our state-of-the-art steriliser and filler systems to ensure a hygienic end product with superior shelf life. The advantage is provided to a vast client base applying the…

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Recovering High Value Products Helps Food Factories Maximise Returns
Среда Ноябрь 16th, 2016 Categories: Пищевые продукты

When processing any kind of remotely viscous food product it is inevitable that a certain amount will adhere to surfaces, such as the inside of vessels and pipe work, or become left in equipment after processing. The potential value of this lost product can soon add up, especially when handling large quantities of viscous, valuable…

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Introducing the New HRS MP Series Multi Tube Heat Exchanger
Вторник Ноябрь 8th, 2016 Categories: Пищевые продукты - Промышленность

HRS Heat Exchangers are pleased to announce the launch of the new HRS MP Series Multi Tube Heat Exchanger; the HRS MP Series is the latest innovation from our Product Development Centre. Ideally placed for hygienic and industrial applications, the HRS MP Series is a complete stainless steel multi tube design with multiple passes on…

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Annular Space Heat Exchangers Benefit Conventional Scraped Surface Applications
Среда Октябрь 26th, 2016 Categories: Пищевые продукты

Traditionally scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) technology has been the preferred method selected by processing lines for heating and cooling viscous products. Triple tube corrugated tubular heat exchangers, commonly known as annular space heat exchangers (AS Series) can be utilised in many applications as pre-heaters or pre-coolers prior to the SSHE. The HRS AS Series…

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HRS India Offers New Variants for Food Evaporation Systems
Среда Октябрь 19th, 2016 Categories: Пищевые продукты

Highlighting our established expertise within the pulp processing sector, HRS India has gained an impressive number of orders for our food evaporation systems. The combination of our technology partnership with key clients has played an integral role in securing new growth within India’s food market. Carefully tailored to meet the challenging requirements for fruit processing,…

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