Annular Space Heat Exchangers Benefit American Dairy Manufacturer

Понедельник Февраль 20th, 2017 Categories: Пищевые продукты
Annular Space Heat Exchangers Benefit American Dairy Manufacturer

A leading American dairy manufacturer selects HRS annular space heat exchangers to overcome several processing challenges within their existing processing line.

HRS offered a compact single pass system incorporating triple tube technology, in place of the existing system, which was previously run in parallel lines.

Designed to withstand high pressure operations, HRS AS Series hygienic heat exchangers are ideally placed for viscous products. The AS Series is a fully stainless steel heat exchanger consisting of three concentric tubes, allowing ease of cleaning and maintenance. The product, in this case, cheese sauce, flows through the annulus between the outermost and innermost tubes and the media flows through the other two channels. The product will be cooled from both sides, whilst reducing fouling and increasing the heat transfer coefficient.

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