Continued Success for HRS Down Under

Среда Июнь 22nd, 2016 Categories: Пищевые продукты

HRS has been selected by one of Australasia’s largest food manufacturers based in New Zealand for the supply of a continuous pasteuriser for their new factory producing fruit and vegetable puree.

The compact solution, to be delivered and commissioned this year, is part of a multi-million dollar factory fit-out to drastically increase production while lessening the demand on labour and increasing the level of traceability and product verification.

Moving away from traditional methods of heat treatment to HRS’ continuous pasteuriser technology means the product will be exposed to heat for a far shorter period of time, which will benefit the overall quality in terms of taste, texture and colour.

The plant will be fully validated to FDA standards by an independent third party, with reports provided for the regulators and auditors as well as hands-on operator training before and during first commercial production.

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