Thermal Calculation Utilities

Среда Сентябрь 28th, 2016

HRS Heat Exchangers has a R&D department which has created the tools to help with the necessary calculations for heat exchanger thermal and mechanical design. In addition to these tools we use simulation software to verify our designs before prototyping.

One of first and more widely spread sources used by the engineers is the classic book of D. Q. Kern «Process Heat Transfer». Although the calculation methods that appear in it have been surpassed by present literature, they remain an important tool. We have made some examples of such thermal calculation available on the website as follows:

Example 6.1: Monotube heat exchanger (benzene-toluene)

Example 6.3: Monotube heat exchanger with parallel lines (lubricating oil-crude oil)

Example 7.3: Multitube multi-pass heat exchanger (kerosene-crude oil)

Example 7.4: Multitube multi-pass heat exchanger (distilled water-raw water)

Example 7.6: Multitube multi-pass heat exchanger (phosphate solution-raw water)

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