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Annular Space Heat Exchangers – HRS AS Series

The HRS AS Series is a fully stainless steel heat exchanger consisting of three concentric tubes. The product flows through the annulus between the outermost and innermost tubes, and the media fluid flows in the other two channels. The product is therefore heated or cooled from both sides.



Corrugated tubes are used to increase heat transfer rates and reduce fouling, which results in a highly efficient heat exchanger for difficult heat transfer applications.

An expansion bellow is fitted in the outer shell for absorbing the differential expansion between the shell and the second tube and the innermost tube is removable, which allows for inspection of the product annulus. For larger installations, multiple units can be interconnected and mounted in a frame.



  • Medium to high viscosity fluids
  • Fluids containing fibers or small particles
  • Food and industrial applications


Designed in accordance with ASME

Materials: Service side: AISI 304 stainless steel; Product side: AISI 316L stainless steel
Connections: Service side: flanged; Product side: clamp
External Finish: Satin or Polished; Product side:  <0.8 microns
Design conditions: Service side: 147 PSI/302º F; Tube side: 147 PSI/302º F

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