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Pasteurization Systems

HRS has developed a continuous sludge pasteurization process system with heat recovery. This is based on DTI and DTR Series heat exchangers together with a product holding section for the destruction of pathogens.


The diagram (below) shows how the sludge is heated to its pasteurization temperature (normally 158℉) using two DTI Series heat exchangers. The holding section consists of three tanks, with each tank holding the amount of product to be processed within the holding period (normally one hour). The three tanks make it possible to constantly send and extract product from the holding section and recover energy between the hot pasteurized sludge and the cold incoming sludge. Energy savings of up to 70% can be obtained compared to systems without heat recovery sections.

For different pasteurization criteria, HRS can provide solutions with different numbers of holding tanks (up to three) or holding tubes (which require less management time) for pasteurization systems with higher temperatures.

For fouling fluids, we can combine the DTI Series with our scraped surface heat exchangers offering a solution that reduces the amount of downtime needed for cleaning.


_HRS Continuous 3-Tank Pasteurisation System

HRS Continuous 3-Tank Pasteurization System

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