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Dairy Pasteurisation

Pasteurised milk products are liquid products made from milk and cream intended for use directly by consumers. This group of products includes whole milk, skim milk, standardised milk and various types of cream.


Processing of market milk products requires first-class raw material and correctly designed process lines in order to attain end products of the highest quality. Gentle handling must be ensured so that the valuable constituents are not adversely affected.

HRS Heat Exchangers’ dairy pasteurisation processes can reduce your operating costs and environmental impact as our thermally efficient, purpose-built plate or tubular heat exchangers decrease energy consumption. Whether you produce milk, long-life products, cultured products, ice cream, cheese or whey products our proven designs save you space, offer superior hygienic reliability and simple cleaning-in-place (CIP) routines.

HRS Heat Exchangers offers the following technologies:


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