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About HRS

Founded in 1981, the HRS Group operates at the forefront of thermal technology, offering innovative and effective heat transfer products worldwide with a strong focus on managing energy efficiently.

Why HRS?

For over 40 years, HRS products and systems have been used in such sectors as HEVAC, food manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, the water and energy industries, Waste-to-Energy and environmental protection.

Our heat exchangers fall into several categories: gasketed or brazed plate; shell and tube; corrugated tube; scraped surface; and others. We also produce rapid batch reactors, evaporators, calorifiers, and many other packaged units based around our heat exchanger products. Please review HRS Brochure for more information:

Throughout its existence HRS has been developing new types of heat exchangers and is committed to working closely with our customers to deliver step by step improvement. We’re proud to operate in a sector where innovation can save energy, reduce waste, reduce CO2 emissions and improve final product quality without harming the environment.


Some of the key milestones in our development include:

1981 – HRS established as a specialist supplier of heat exchangers for use in energy recovery and process systems.

2001 – HRS forms a joint venture with a large Indian Plc to manufacture our products and to introduce them to the Indian market.

2004 – HRS Group sets up HRS Process Technology Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona to develop the US market for HRS products.

2006 – HRS buys out our licensee in India and forms our own company: HRS Process Systems Ltd. This company built its own factory, manufacturing facility and offices which were formally opened in May 2007.

2009 – HRS acquires the majority stake in the heat exchanger part of its sister company in Spain to bring all activities regarding heat exchanger design, production, and sales, together with all the patents for the various products, in-house.

2011 – HRS opens a hub for Asian markets in Malaysia: HRS Heat Exchangers SDN BHD.

2014 – HRS expands foothold opening a subsidiary in Australia & New Zealand called HRS Heat Exchangers Pty Ltd, to provide a base for offering full sales, project and aftermarket services to the region.

2015 – HRS expands its operation in the USA to keep up with market demands, and opens a sales office in Atlanta, Georgia.

2017 – With increasing global demands and HRS doubling turnover within the last five years, HRS Heat Exchangers SLU in Spain expands its facility by 100% to house the growing team.

2018 – With the growth in the South East Asian markets and HRS India reaching a turnover of a Billion Rupees, HRS Process Systems Pvt Ltd in India opens a second manufacturing plant to cope with the demand.

2020 – Launched AHED – Advanced Heat Exchanger Design

2021 – HRS Heat Exchangers acquired by Exchanger Industries Limited, the Canadian market leader and globally recognised designer and manufacturer of heat transfer products for the energy, petrochemical, industrial and clean power generation sectors, has acquired HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd (HRS).

2021 – Exchanger Industries Limited celebrated its 60th and HRS Heat Exchangers its 40th Anniversary, culminating in a collective centennial milestone of 100 years of combined industry experience.

2022 – HRS India reached the milestone of two decades of successful operations with its 20-year anniversary celebration.

2022 – HRS Hevac & heatexchangerspares.com were divested from the HRS Group, to focus on our core products and application areas.


Founded in Alberta Canada in 1961, Exchanger Industries Limited has more than sixty years of experience in the engineering, design, fabrication, and servicing of heat transfer solutions for the most demanding, mission critical applications. Serving customers across Canada and in 25 countries around the world, EIL’s mission is to provide cost effective investment and operating solutions through the practical application of heat transfer solutions in a wide variety of situations. EIL employs the best people in the industry and uses leading edge technologies, resulting in price-competitive solutions that are more energy efficient, long lasting and which minimise maintenance and downtime. For more information, visit www.exchangerindustries.com.

The HRS Group now comprises these wholly owned companies (and some others), with manufacturing units in Spain and India. In addition, we have a network of official partners who we work with to support our customers worldwide.



With our patented innovations and industry-proven heat exchanger products we use our knowledge and experience to help our customers use less energy, produce less waste, increase product quality and improve productivity.


HRS are able to offer our customers true global support thanks to our production capacity in Europe and Asia and technical design and sales offices around the world in Spain, UK, USA, Canada, India, Malaysia,  Australia and New Zealand.



The Management of HRS Heat Exchangers understands quality should be delivered from the point of design, through to manufacture of their heat exchangers and process plants. An acceptable balance between the expectations and needs of their clients and the interests of the organisation must be upheld, to ensure the continued satisfaction of the client, within the framework of acceptable Company profitability. This constitutes the main objective of our Quality Policy.

In order to achieve this objective, and to allow our clients to evaluate the quality of our Company, the Quality System of HRS Heat Exchangers fully complies with the requirements of Spanish ISO 9001:2015 and UK ISO 9001:2015


Continued improvement to ensure the effectiveness of the Quality System


Uphold quality production, to minimise warranty and quality issues


Compliance with all legal requirements, regulations and clients specifications





HRS Impact

We are proud to operate in a sector where innovation can save energy, reduce waste, reduce CO2, and improve final product quality without harming the environment.

At HRS we strive to have a positive impact on our environment, and for our customers, and in turn their customers.

HRS Heat Exchangers Health & Safety and Environmental Policy.