Vegetable Puree & Concentrate Processing Equipment

Vegetable Purees and Concentrates

HRS Heat Exchangers provides solutions and equipment capable of handling purées and concentrates, including those containing particulates and fibre, in the vegetable processing industry. From preparation to preservation and filling, our broad range of products helps process most kinds of vegetable products.

HRS has successfully delivered turn-key plants for vegetable purées and concentrates for products including gazpacho, tomato pastes and concentrates and various vegetable purées.


HRS Heat Exchangers’ technology has been developed to meet the demand of today’s tomato processors. Our total commitment to this product line has led to the development of innovative equipment to improve overall operating efficiency, minimise downtime for maintenance and, most important, reduce capital investments.

Our technicians have know-how and experience of the entire production line, from paste sterilisation, hot break/cold break preparation, juice refining, evaporation, sterilisation and holding to aseptic cooling and aseptic filling. After installation, HRS offers excellent after sales support with both technical service and spare parts availability worldwide.

Some of the advantages of HRS Heat Exchangers’ solutions for vegetable processing include:

  • Little or no water consumption
  • High energy recovery
  • Vegetables are never exposed to the atmosphere
  • Can be cleaned by CIP
  • Low cooling temperatures are allowed