Pharmaceuticals, toiletries and health products require the highest standards of product safety and hygiene, and processes and equipment must be designed to prevent cross contamination while facilitating hygienic management during cleaning-in-place and maintenance processes.

HRS Heat Exchangers provide a range of heat exchangers, cleaning and filling systems designed without crevices or areas where fouling or contamination can build up and which are constructed from pharmaceutical grade materials. Use the links to explore how our products can be used in the pharmaceutical and related sectors.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have come to depend on our technologies including heat exchangers, pumps, tank equipment and solutions for aseptic filling. These can be supplied as individual components or complete product solutions and can all be customised to meet your exact requirements by our engineers.

If you cannot find your required application listed, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Green Medicine Capsules - HRS Pharmaceutical Applications
clear ampoules - WFI - HRS Heat Exchangers


Water for injection (WFI) is a simple but critical element of pharmaceutical products, essential for the safe and effective operation of the manufacturing plant, uncompromised WFI is vital to maintaining the quality and purity of the final product. WFI is of extra high quality for the production of parenteral sterile solutions, such as infusion solutions…

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Lotions, Creams & Gels
Jar of Gel - HRS Lotions

Lotions, Creams & Gels

Demand for lotions creams and gels used cosmetics, skin care products and toothpastes continues to grow. Due to their viscosity and the fact that they often contain different elements, for example micro-beads or emulsions which must be kept in suspension during processing, the production of these pharmaceuticals and personal care products needs specialist equipment. HRS…

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