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Producers of leading carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, coffee and tea, beer, wine and spirits, juices and other beverages rely on us. We deliver solutions that lower production costs and reduce the impact of production on the environment by minimising product and raw ingredient waste as well as by significantly cutting water and energy consumption.


Successful beverage production requires getting as much profit as possible out of the raw materials and maintaining the desired final product characteristics through safe, cost-effective and sustainable multi-stage processing. HRS Heat Exchangers offers equipments, components, packages and complete turn-key plants that meet the particular requirements of individual beverage manufacturers and breweries.

Beverage processors and breweries face numerous challenges: While raw material, ingredient and production costs are increasing, you still have to deliver tasty, low-priced drinks to ever more demanding consumers. You must also comply with tightening restrictions placed on your products, and minimise the environmental impact of your production. HRS Heat Exchangers beverage processing solutions help you overcome these challenges by reducing production costs, cutting energy and water use and ensuring food safety.

Our solutions ensure reliable hygienic production as well as efficient and effective cleaning-in-place (CIP) of equipment and processing lines – fully complying with the strictest regulatory standards for hygienic applications.



HRS offers a comprehensive range of heat exchangers, modules and complete production lines used in the production of beer, cider and other brew house products.


Soft drinks manufacturers get the most out of ingredients with high repeatability and accuracy when taking advantage of our heat transfer and fluid handling technologies for batch and continuous processing.


Our heat exchangers, evaporators and fluid handling equipment ensure hygienic and reliable production, while meeting customer demands for attractive prices for ready-to-drink coffee and tea production.


HRS technologies for wine and spirit production include concentration and heat treatment. We also offer solutions for fluid handling, mixing and tank cleaning.

Fruit Juice & Smoothies
Orange Juice - HRS Fruit Juices

Fruit Juice & Smoothies

Fruit juices HRS technologies are at work concentrating, heating and cooling, aseptic filling and handling flows of fruit juices. They help cut product waste levels, lower energy consumption and effectively recover revenue-generating by-products. HRS technologies play a central role in separating, concentrating, heating, cooling and pasteurising the pulp, fibre, juice and water content of fruit…

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Vegetable Juices
Vegetable Juices - HRS Food Applications

Vegetable Juices

Our technologies were pioneers at processing vegetable juices and soups like gazpacho. As with fruit juices, HRS are worldwide specialists at concentrating, heating, cooling, aseptic filling, packaging and handling flows of vegetable juices. Our unique processes make it possible to do this with less waste, lower energy consumption and more effective recovery of revenue-generating by-products.

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