Renewable energy has a global focus. Our heat exchangers and systems are designed to maximise energy efficiency and reduce waste, from heating and cooling to complete turnkey systems for pasteurisation and evaporation of food waste streams.


Our comprehensive range of heat exchangers, process skids and bespoke designed processing lines give global food companies piece of mind in the knowledge that product integrity and cost to manufacture are at the forefront of our technologies.


Pharmaceutical and Personal Care are where manufacturers demand a higher quality than other markets, we have developed our heat exchangers and custom designed system technologies in line with these expectations. Our focus is on quality, reduction in contamination and maximising valuable end products.


Industrial production applications have the most demanding processes where uptime is key. Our corrugated shell-and-tube heat exchangers provide a reliable, cost-effective solution in a smaller footprint. Used in heating, cooling applications and evaporation systems for the reduction of industrial effluents.

HRS Heat Exchangers operates globally and at the forefront of thermal technology, offering innovative and effective heat transfer products. With strong focus on managing energy efficiently across Environmental, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Industrial sectors.

Case Studies

Heat Exchangers Save Glove Manufacturer Money

For a number of years, HRS Heat Exchangers has been supplying Malaysia’s rubber glove manufacturers with heat exchangers to recover useful and valuable heat which would otherwise be wasted from processes such as chlorination, and wastewater treatment, as well as steam condensers and leaching tanks. HRS’s wide range of heat exchanger solutions mean that it is able to supply the ideal solution for any situation, from simple plate heat exchangers to more advanced tubular designs.


Evaporation increases capacity for drying cheese

A novel use of evaporation using heat exchanger technology from HRS Heat Exchangers has increased drying capacity for a major European processor of cheese products.


Heat Exchangers Help Find Chocolate’s Sweet Spot

Tempering, or the controlled heating and cooling, of chocolate is an essential step in the manufacturing of chocolate and has traditionally been carried out in batches and much of the industry is still very traditional, sometimes using technology that has changed little in hundreds of years. However, one forward-thinking UK chocolate supplier has introduced a new system for tempering its chocolate, based on the HRS R Series of scraped surface heat exchangers.

HRS helps Mexican Orange Juice producer

HRS helps orange juice producer exploit novel pasteurisation technique

HRS Heat Exchangers has supplied a leading Mexican orange juice producer with a complete pasteurisation system that uses a novel electrical heating method. The new system maintains the properties of freshly squeezed juice, which are adversely affected during traditional pasteurisation processes, allowing the company to increase its presences in the lucrative North American ‘as fresh’ juice market.


HRS Heat Exchangers helps Nutripeople combat global hunger and food waste crises


While a third of the world’s food is wasted, one in nine people do not have enough to eat. Thanks to support and equipment from HRS Heat Exchangers, a socially conscious Spanish food producer is aiming to redress the balance by turning Europe’s surplus fruit and vegetables into a nutritionally enriched, easy-to-digest and 100% natural foodstuff for people in need.


Multinational food producer reaps benefits of HRS corrugated heat exchanger


A food ingredients plant in the northern Malaysian province of Seberang Perai, in the state of Penang, owned by a major multinational food producer, had a history of using smooth-tube heat exchangers for a range of cooling, heating and condensation. However, despite reservations about switching to corrugated tube exchangers, the client wanted to increase energy efficiency, reduce maintenance and cleaning requirements, and lower operational costs.


HRS Heat Exchangers help Ready Foods keep their cool

Denver, Colorado-based soup and sauce manufacturer Ready Foods has cut the time it takes to chill one of its core products by a third, thanks to a turnkey cooling system from HRS Heat Exchangers. The HRS solution, which is ideal for viscous materials, has enabled Ready Foods to significantly increase production of the meat marinade it supplies to a leading restaurant chain.


After receiving a large order for one of its meat marinades from a leading chain of quick-service Mexican restaurants, Ready Foods needed to increase capacity. The existing process of kettle cooking and steaming the marinade, then chilling it in 2.25 kg pouches in a water cooling system for three hours, would not allow it to meet the customer’s increased demand for 910 kg bulk packs.

Anaerobic Digestion plant - HRS

HRS pasteurisation system tackles plant pathogen risks for farming consortium


Using out-grade vegetable products and other feedstocks can increase the risk of plant diseases and weed seeds being spread between farms when re-distributing digestate on the land. One farming consortium comprising six local farms, Agri-Gen in Suffolk, tackled this issue at its 5MW anaerobic digestion plant by installing a 3-Tank Batch Sludge Pasteuriser from HRS to improve the biosecurity of the digestate fertiliser which is then returned to the fields of the six farms.

Beaker and Pipette - HRS Environmental Applications

Wastewater Evaporation Plant

A chemical company in Spain that produces sulphuric acid, nitric acid and other chemicals approached us to resolve a serious environmental problem that they had involving the wash water used to clean the tanks where chemicals are stored.

Obviously no wash water could be drained to the river without being treated to eliminate all traces of hazardous chemicals.

Sugar Cubes - HRS Food Applications

Sugar Production

In order to maximise production efficiency, the waste products from sugar production processes are reused whenever possible to extract and reuse as much energy as possible. Many of these fluids and vapours can also present a severe fouling problem when heated.

Digestate Processing Biofertilizer - HRS

Digestate Processing

HRS Heat Exchangers compare a biogas production plant that is fitted with an evaporator for digestate processing to one that doesn’t.

HRS Evaporation Trial Unit

AD Trials improve Biogas Plant Performance

When it comes to anaerobic digestion, trials can range from making minor changes with the feedstock mix or dwell time, to assessing the effects of major equipment upgrades such as new CHP units or digestate processing equipment.

Kernel Anaerobic Digester - HRS Heat Exchangers

HRS Helps Spanish Grower Become Energy Self-Sufficient


Driven by austerity measures, at the beginning of 2012 the Spanish government effectively withdrew subsidies for renewable energy, including biogas production. Despite this freeze on support, there are still opportunities for businesses to maximise the value of energy and digestate. So how does a farming company like Kernel Export, which produces salads, brassicas, melons, herbs and courgettes and pumpkins and exports throughout Europe, answer these market challenges and meet high crop safety standards, while complying with local legal requirements and fulfilling the expectations of overseas fresh produce markets?

Cows in a Field - HRS Dairy Applications

Innovative corrugated tube heat exchangers benefit leading UK dairy


For traditional dairy producers, removing the heat is an essential part of the manufacturing processing when preparing butter, cream, buttermilk, yogurt, cottage cheese, crème fresh, sour cream and fromage frais for sale. While many use traditional plate design heat exchangers, for family-owned Yorkshire-based Longley Farm, who specialises in producing uncooked dairy Yorkshire curd and also needs to cool fresh cream without over-agitating it, a gentler, more compact system was sought to maintain high product quality.

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