Reciprocating Action Solves Tough Heat Exchange Challenges
August 11, 2022 Categories: Environmental - Food - Opinion Piece by

Scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHEs) have been used for difficult heat transfer applications involving viscous fluids or where fouling is an issue, such as evaporation processes. The most common type, such as the HRS R Series, uses a rotating shaft with blades or augers which scrape the surface of the tube. However, the design is…

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HRS Managing Ongoing Supply Chain Challenges
July 7, 2022 Categories: Opinion Piece by

Like other manufacturing businesses, HRS Heat Exchangers has had to adapt its day-to-day operations to cope with the supply chain disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and increased demand in the post-COVID recovery period. Like Coronavirus itself, the supply chain difficulties which the world continues to experience today, almost two-years after the virus was first…

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The Advantages of External Digester Heating
June 8, 2022 Categories: Environmental - Opinion Piece by

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a well-established technique for the production of renewable energy (biogas) and the management of organic wastes such as sewage sludge, manures and crop wastes. However, many digester designs still incorporate heating elements within the tank itself (or in the floor or the walls), an outdated design which causes a number of…

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Upgrading AD Plants to Improve Performance
May 24, 2022 Categories: Environmental - Opinion Piece by

There are more than 650 operational anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in the UK, with a further 270 in development¹. However, a number of these plants have failed to perform in line with original predictions, leaving some operators and investors frustrated and disillusioned. Despite this, the number of active investors, including companies taking on under-performing and…

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EBA Highlights the Importance of Digestate
May 19, 2022 Categories: Environmental - Opinion Piece by

HRS Heat Exchangers has welcomed the recent publication of two recent papers by the European Biogas Association (EBA) which highlight the importance of digestate in the overall sustainability profile of anaerobic digestion and biogas energy. HRS has long argued that if biogas energy is to fulfil its potential, then the benefits of using digestate as…

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Now is the Time to Maximise Biogas
May 17, 2022 Categories: Environmental - Opinion Piece - Trade Show News by

The current world political situation has highlighted the need to reduce our reliance on imported natural gas, and the key role that anaerobic digestion and biogas can play in these ambitions, as well as the importance of domestically produced organic biofertiliser in maintaining food production. On stand C107 at the World Biogas Expo 2022 in…

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