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Matt is a graduate of the Ashridge Business Schools’ Sales and Marketing program has over 30 years’ experience in process engineering in all the sectors HRS are active in, he started in CAD design but soon found a taste for sales and marketing. He has held several managerial positions in a multinational company within related industries. He joined HRS in 2013 as International Sales Manager, in 2015 he took on the responsibility for the Group’s marketing strategy for HRS’s worldwide operation.

HRS Heat Exchangers Acquired by Exchanger Industries Limited
July 27, 2021 Categories: HRS Group

Exchanger Industries Limited (EIL), the Canadian market leader and globally recognised designer and manufacturer of heat transfer products for the energy, petrochemical, industrial and clean power generation sectors, has acquired HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd (HRS). Financial terms have not been disclosed. HRS is a specialist global supplier of heat exchangers and custom process systems across…

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Disruptive Technology for Water: Energy
July 6, 2021 Categories: Environmental - Opinion Piece

In his final blog on how disruptive technologies can overcome serious challenges faced by the water industry, Matt Hale, HRS Heat Exchangers’ International Sales & Marketing Director discusses the important of energy efficiency and generation. While anaerobic digestion is widely recognised as a water treatment technology around the world, its capacity for energy generation (either…

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Disruptive Technology for Water: Resource Recovery
June 29, 2021 Categories: Environmental - Opinion Piece

In the third of his series of blog posts looking at disruptive technologies in the water sector, Matt Hale shines a light on benefits and challenges of resource recovery. Resource recovery is a key aspect of a true circular economy. Not only are there the economic and environmental benefits from the products themselves, but every…

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Disruptive Technology for Water: Water Reuse
June 22, 2021 Categories: Environmental - Opinion Piece

In the second of four blog posts, Matt Hale, International Sales & Marketing Director at HRS Heat Exchangers looks at how the disruptive technology of water reuse can help solve the many challenges the water sector faces around the world. Various factors including increasing population, greater environmental demands to preserve and protect water sources, and…

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Disruptive Technology for Water: Digital Water
June 15, 2021 Categories: Environmental - Opinion Piece

The UK Water Partnership has pointed out that the world ‘faces an unprecedented combination of water security and resilience challenges.’ In the first of four blog posts, Matt Hale, HRS’s International Sales & Marketing Director, looks at some of the issues surrounding this area of the market. These issues include population growth, increasing urbanisation, a…

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HRS Showcases Remelting System at FoodPro 2021
June 8, 2021 Categories: Food - Opinion Piece - Trade Show News

HRS Heat Exchangers, Stand S16, FoodPro 2021 Following a difficult year, HRS Heat Exchangers is delighted to be able to confirm its attendance at the Foodpro event at the Sydney Olympic Park in July 2021. Among the products that HRS will showcase is its new I Series which offers to de-pack, crush, and melt (remelt)…

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HRS offers stand-alone Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) system
May 25, 2021 Categories: Food - Opinion Piece

Maintaining hygienic, and in some cases sterile, production equipment is a key aspect of modern food processing, as well as the production of pharmaceuticals and other products. Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) is the standard technique to effectively and efficiently clean equipment which contains pipework, enclosed spaces and small apertures in situ. HRS Heat Exchangers offers cleaning-in-place (CIP)…

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Cannabis Drinks Market Scales Up
May 11, 2021 Categories: Food - Opinion Piece

Drinks based on plant extracts – in particular, those containing cannabis- or hemp-derived ingredients like CBD – are one of the fastest growing segments of the beverage category. What is CBD? CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical extracted from hemp and marijuana plants (Cannabis sativa L.). While CBD is an active ingredient in cannabis, it does…

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HRS Offers Remote Equipment Monitoring
April 13, 2021 Categories: Environmental - Food - Industrial - Opinion Piece - Pharmaceutical

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the benefits of working remotely utilising new and existing technologies to monitor and manage operations from a distance, whether a few meters away on the factory floor, or on the other side of the world. While many forward-thinking businesses had already embraced the concepts behind remote working, the Internet of…

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HRS Heat Exchangers Help Global Vaccine Effort
March 18, 2021 Categories: Opinion Piece - Pharmaceutical

HRS Heat Exchangers has received orders for pharmaceutical heat exchangers which will be used by different manufacturers of Coronavirus vaccines around the world. The orders have been placed by subcontractors working with Pfizer, Moderna, and Oxford Astra Zeneca: three of the major global COVID-19 vaccine developers. The orders are for heat exchangers for use in…

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HRS Highlights Steam Injection for Food Sterilisation
March 9, 2021 Categories: Food - Opinion Piece - Trade Show News

HRS Heat Exchangers , Stand 3164, Foodtech Packtech 2021 After an exceptional year, HRS Heat Exchangers is delighted to be returning to the Foodtech Packtech event in Auckland in April and will be showcasing its DSI Series of direct steam injection pasteurisers and sterilisers which are ideal for food products such as plant-based milk drinks….

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New Juice Processing Solutions: from Concentrate to Bottle – PART 3
February 25, 2021 Categories: Food - Opinion Piece

Pumping The smooth and economical pumping of the juice through the system is another important consideration. The HRS BP Series is a purpose-designed, hydraulically operated, reciprocating, positive-displacement pump, with an expanding cavity on the suction side and a decreasing cavity on the discharge side. Material flows into the pump as the cavity on the suction…

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