HRS Monoblock M Series
HRS Thermblock M Series
HRS Thermblock M Series

HRS Multi Tube Pasteuriser / Steriliser

The HRS Thermblock M Series is a packaged multi-tube pasteuriser and steriliser for food with low or medium viscosity before aseptic filling or any other filling or packaging method.

In this series, the steriliser is composed of multi-tube corrugated tube heat exchangers from the HRS MI Series and HRS MR Series.

The HRS Thermblock M Series allows the adjustment of the heating-holding-cooling cycle of the product and can be used for HTST (High Temperature, Short Time) method sterilisation and pasteurisation. HRS Thermblock M Series sterilisers can be designed to include direct or indirect energy recovery, which 80-90% of the energy to be reused. This greatly reduces the overall energy consumption and significantly shortens the return of investment.

The steriliser can optionally feature reception, air-removal and product impulsion sections which help ensure the absence of air during the thermal treatment stage.

 Products and applications for the HRS Thermblock M Series include:

  • Juices and beverages
  • Fruit and vegetables purees
  • Fruit concentrate purees
  • Grape must concentrate
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Soups
  • Sauces


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