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HRS Heat Exchangers are a leading global provider of equipment and systems for the vegetable processing industry, from single machines to complete processing lines and turn-key plants.

Our complete range of vegetable processing equipment is engineered to achieve high volumes or run in small custom batches as required, meeting global market requirements or serve local markets.

Our equipment provides the industry’s most innovative solutions for improving efficiency, reducing operational costs and maintaining the product’s organoleptic properties. Our overall view of the market and R&D mean we can add value while focusing on our customer’s primary needs.

Some of the advantages of HRS Heat Exchangers’ solutions for vegetable processing include:

  • Little or no water consumption
  • High energy recovery
  • Vegetables are never exposed to the atmosphere
  • Can be cleaned by CIP
  • Low cooling temperatures are allowed


HRS Heat Exchangers’ products for vegetable processing:

Heat Exchangers:

Other Products:


Blanching and Freezing
Frozen Vegetables - HRS Food Applications

Blanching and Freezing

Manufacturers of frozen vegetables can benefit from our heat transfer and fluid handling technologies for maintaining the product integrity in batch and continuous processing. There are typically four steps to this type of processing: washing & sorting; heating or blanching; cooling and packing. With some exceptions, the quality of frozen vegetables is improved by blanching…

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Vegetable Purees and Concentrates
Vegetable Puree - HRS Food Applications

Vegetable Purees and Concentrates

HRS Heat Exchangers provides solutions and equipment capable of handling purées and concentrates, including those containing particulates and fibre, in the vegetable processing industry. From preparation to preservation and filling, our broad range of products helps process most kinds of vegetable products. HRS has successfully delivered turn-key plants for vegetable purées and concentrates for products…

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