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Waste Water

Waste water can take many forms, from relatively clean water which has been used for heating, cooling or minor processing, through to heavily contaminated water and sludge generated by industrial processes and cleaning activities. The recovery of valuable materials from waste streams, together with the treatment of fresh water sources to prevent product or equipment contamination are key processes which can help make the difference between economic success and failure.

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Being able to treat waste water streams in sufficient volumes is essential to maintain output and also meet environmental obligations. Being able to reduce your environmental impact, prevent pollution while also reducing energy use and operating costs are the key reasons that our clients choose HRS Heat Exchangers waste water treatment solutions.

Some of the uses of our heat exchangers and associated systems include:

  • Reducing effluent and sludge volumes
  • Meeting criteria for effluent discharge
  • Providing clean water for reuse
  • Product and/or heat recovery

HRS waste water pasteurisation systems are suitable for the following applications:

Environmental applications:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sewage sludge and biosolids treatment
  • Other effluents

HRS Heat Exchangers’ products for the sludge sector:

Heat Exchangers:


HRS DTIR Heat Exchanger for Sludge and Waste Water Applications