Vegetable Juice Processing & Industrial Soup Maker Equipment

Vegetable Juices

Our technologies were pioneers at processing vegetable juices and soups like gazpacho. As with fruit juices, HRS are worldwide specialists at concentrating, heating, cooling, aseptic filling, packaging and handling flows of vegetable juices. Our unique processes make it possible to do this with less waste, lower energy consumption and more effective recovery of revenue-generating by-products.

HRS has experience of providing vegetable processing turn-key plants featuring the latest technological developments. In the high-volume processing of purées for world commodity markets, HRS Heat Exchangers’ technical innovations can help you stay ahead of the competition.

HRS pasteurisation installations combine corrugated tube heat exchangers with the HRS Unicus Series of scraped surface heat exchangers, which is particularly suitable when there is a risk of product fouling the heat exchange surface, or where products are very viscous.