Fruit Juice & Smoothie Processing Equipment

Fruit Juice & Smoothies

Fruit juices HRS technologies are at work concentrating, heating and cooling, aseptic filling and handling flows of fruit juices. They help cut product waste levels, lower energy consumption and effectively recover revenue-generating by-products.

HRS technologies play a central role in separating, concentrating, heating, cooling and pasteurising the pulp, fibre, juice and water content of fruit juices and smoothies, in derived from fruits. Our unique processes make it possible to do this with less waste, lower energy consumption and more effective recovery of revenue-generating by-products.

Fruit juices containing solids such as pulp and fibre can be thermally treated in pasteurisation systems using corrugated tube heat exchangers.

Such thermal treatment is very fast and effective because the significant increase in heat transfer coefficients produced by the corrugated tubes significantly reduces the time required for the treatment, compared to other types of heat exchanger. Because of this speed the product retains more of its natural properties with a minimum degradation due to the thermal treatment. HRS heat exchangers can also be used in freezing, and concentrating products through evaporation or freezing.