Fruit Puree & Concentrate Processing Equipment

Fruit Puree & Concentrates

HRS has a proven experience providing fruit processing turn-key plants featuring latest technology advantages. In the high-volume processing of purées for world commodity markets, we are providers of heat exchangers, treatment modules, concentrators, pasteurisers and sterilisers, aseptic fillers and whole turn-key process plants.

The success of our aseptic plant technology for fruit purées and concentrates is based on our corrugated double tube heat exchangers, piston pump, evaporator technology and our aseptic filler which, together with our scraped surface heat exchangers, provides a definitive toolset for this industry.

Used in combination our products make it possible to process fruit pulp and purée while minimising undesirable thermal effects (such as changes to the products’ organoleptic properties or nutritional losses) through a reliable, hygienic and well controlled filling process.

HRS can also supply aseptic packaging solutions for fruit processors. Aseptic packaging provides a number of advantages for fruit processing, including the provision of ready-to-use aseptic packaging that takes up less room when empty and provides a higher quality product than cans. HRS supplies technology for thermal treatment and aseptic filling of fruit purées and associated products.