Yoghurt & Cultured Milk Processing Equipment

Yoghurt & Cultured Milk

Yoghurts are medium to high viscous products that may contain particulates. At its most basic, yoghurt is a dairy product fermented by starter cultures (basically lactic-acid-producing bacteria). These cultures convert lactose (the sugar portion of milk) to acid. The drop in pH in turn, causes the milk’s proteins to set, so the liquid thickens into yoghurt.

Yoghurt must be produced by fermenting cream, milk, partially skimmed milk, or skimmed milk, either alone or in combination. A second set of optional dairy ingredients may be added. These include non-fat dry milk, buttermilk, whey, and lactose. If vitamins A and/or D are added, they have to be present in certain quantities. Yoghurts can include a permitted list of sweeteners as well as flavourings, stabilisers and colour additives.

Our product range includes processing solutions for pasteurisation, UHT treatment and CIP; all of which comply with global hygienic processing standards: