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Asepticblock Mini Pasteuriser/Steriliser

The HRS Asepticblock mini has all the characteristics of the full scale version but on a smaller portable skid.

The Asepticblock Mini Series is designed to sterilise foods for factories producing highly viscous products, and those containing particulates, such as fruit and vegetable purees and pulps, sauces and soup.

It combines all process elements for manufacturers to complete food pasteurisation or sterilising along with an aseptic filler at a work rate of 250 to 1 ton of product per hour.

Utilising HRS heat exchanger technology means that highly efficient pasteurisation or sterilisation can be achieved while any undesired side effects from the thermal treatment on the organoleptic or nutritional properties of the product are minimised. Depending on the product/s to be treated, corrugated tube heat exchangers with multi-tube, double tube or annular space configurations can be specified, along with other options such as air removal.

The aseptic filling is based on the proven HRS AF Series of aseptic fillers and provides a highly reliable, high capacity process. Full automatic monitoring and traceability systems are included as standard and the entire system benefits from automatic Cleaning in Place (CIP) systems. Furthermore, no chemicals are required for product sterilisation.

Applications of the HRS Asepticblock Mini Series include:

  • Viscous Products
  • Products with particles
  • Beverages and juices
  • Soups and sauces (tomato based, cheese)
  • Prepared Food
  • Concentrates
  • Baby Food
  • Fruit purées and pastes
  • Dairy

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