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Lotions, Creams & Gels

Demand for lotions creams and gels used cosmetics, skin care products and toothpastes continues to grow. Due to their viscosity and the fact that they often contain different elements, for example micro-beads or emulsions which must be kept in suspension during processing, the production of these pharmaceuticals and personal care products needs specialist equipment.

HRS Heat Exchangers produce a range of heat exchangers and associated products that help to make the manufacturing processes safe, reliable and repeatable whilst getting the most from the raw materials.

The manufacture of higher viscosity products often requires a heat transfer solution that prevents the build-up of a fouling layer at the surface of the heat exchanger. The unique HRS range of hygienic scraped surface heat exchangers is ideal for the manufacture of creams and gels for personal care.


The HRS SP Series pharmaceutical corrugated tube heat exchanger is designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and related industries. The product to be heated or cooled flows through the interior tubes. The media fluid flows through the surrounding shell. Corrugated tubes are used in all HRS tubular heat exchangers in order to increase heat transfer rates, improving efficiency and reducing running costs.

For the most difficult to handle solutions with high viscosities or the potential for significant fouling the HRS R Series rotary scraped surface heat exchanger is ideal, while for heat recovery operations the HRS MR Series allows the product to flow through the tubes and the surrounding shell. The MR series has a removable tube bundle that allows cleaning on the shell side.

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For pasteurisation of lotions, creams and gels which do not need to be produced to pharmaceutical standards, but must still have high levels of hygiene, the all stainless steel HRS MI Series multi tube heat exchanger is ideal.

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