Water for Injection Solutions Products | HRS Heat Exchangers


Water for injection (WFI) is a simple but critical element of pharmaceutical products, essential for the safe and effective operation of the manufacturing plant, uncompromised WFI is vital to maintaining the quality and purity of the final product.

WFI is of extra high quality for the production of parenteral sterile solutions, such as infusion solutions for intravenous therapy or solutions for injection, and water-based ophthalmic products.

As such WFI must be sterile, non-pyrogenic and contain no bacteriostats, antimicrobial agents or added buffers. They are usually supplied in single-dose containers to dilute or dissolve drugs for injection.

Choosing the right equipment to deliver WFI ensures the desired flow and temperature at the point of use. Energy efficiency and maintenance requirements are the key criteria for the selection of heating and cooling equipment. The HRS range of hygienic heat exchangers, manufactured to exacting standards meets the requirements and standards imposed for pharmaceutical production.

The HRS SP Series of pharmaceutical corrugated heat exchangers are made entirely from stainless steel and are ideal for applications such as WFI. Corrugated tubes are used to increase the rate of heat transfer between the media and the product which makes the SP Series up to 40% more efficient than smooth tube heat exchangers.