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Biogas Dehumidification System (BDS)

Removal of water from biogas (BDS)

The HRS Biogas Dehumidification System (BDS) removes water from biogas, protecting combined heat and power (CHP) engines from corrosion and cavitation. It can be supplied with a heat recovery section, increasing the overall efficiency of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants.

The benefits of the HRS BDS system include:

  • Condenses >90% of the water present in biogas by reducing biogas temperatures from 40ºC to 5-7ºC

  • Leaves a clean, green gas ideal for converting to thermal energy or electricity in a CHP engine

  • Protects CHP engines from corrosion and cavitation, extending engine lifespan and increasing efficiency

  • Up to 20% energy recovery available, reducing energy costs

  • Suitable for biogas flows from 150-1,700 kg/h

  • Skid-mounted for easy access and freedom of movement

  • Automatic control panel

  • ATEX-compliant version available

The HRS Biogas Dehumidification System (BDS) reduces biogas temperatures from around 40ºC to approximately 5-7ºC, condensing more than 90% of the water volume. It works via a chiller system which supplies a coolant that is transferred to heat exchangers. Biogas flows on the product side of the exchanger, while the coolant flows on the service side.

More than half of the heat transfer duty is used to condense the water contained in the biogas, while the remainder is used to reduce the gas temperature. As it cools, the water separates from the gas, leaving a clean biogas ideal for use in CHP engines.

A heat recovery option is available, whereby the resulting cold biogas is then used to pre-cool any incoming biogas. This reduces the load on the final cooling heat exchanger, recovering as much as 20% of the energy needed for the process. Any extra investment required is soon recouped in energy cost savings.

As one of the most expensive pieces of equipment on an AD plant, protecting a CHP engine makes good business sense. By removing water from biogas before it enters a CHP engine, the HRS BDS helps to extend an engine’s lifespan, protecting it against corrosion and cavitation. It also increases its efficiency, leading to increased biogas yields, and, if opting for the energy recovery version, will result in energy savings, too. Suitable for AD plants of all sizes, it comes skid-mounted with an automatic control panel for full process control, and can be adapted for ATEX-compliant applications.


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