The manufacture of chocolate, sweets and pastries involves some processes which generate high levels of fouling in the heat exchange sections because of the product sticking to the heat transfer surfaces of the heat exchangers. In other cases, the high viscosity of the product further complicates the thermal processes involved.

HRS Heat Exchangers offers the HRS Unicus Series scraped surface heat exchanger as an alternative to traditional systems used in the production of chocolate. The special design of the dynamic mixing elements and the frequency of the reciprocating movement of these elements allows slow crystallisation to take place to give the surface shine required by the chocolate manufacturers in the final product.

The Unicus Series is also used in the manufacture of other sweets and pastries, for example for heating and cooling marshmallow. Compared to traditional systems based on scraped surface heat exchangers, fewer units are required and maintenance costs are lower.

HRS offers the following technologies to cater to the confectionary industry:

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