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Thermblock Annular Space Pasteuriser/Steriliser

The HRS Thermblock AS Series is a packaged annular-space pasteuriser and steriliser solution for thermal treatment for pasteurising and sterilisation of food products with high viscosity in the food industry for aseptic filling processes or any other filling or packaging method.

In the HRS Thermblock AS Series, the steriliser is composed of concentric tube heat exchangers, or annular space heat exchangers from HRS AS Series that are the most suitable heat exchangers range for high viscosity products without particulates. Product flows in the central annular space, while the heating or cooling media passes both through the internal and external jacket.

HRS Thermblock AS pasteuriser/sterilisers allow the heating-holding-cooling cycle of the product to be adjusted to best suit your needs. It can also be used for HTST (High Temperature, Short Time) pasteurisation or sterilisation, helping to minimise potential side-effects such as organoleptic changers or nutritional losses). The steriliser can also include HRS BP high pressure piston volumetric pump with frequency converter capable of working pressures up to 180 bar, and suitable for high viscosity products such as tomato paste or purées. For lower pressure applications up to 40 bar or products with particulates, HRS has developed the HRS BP Series piston pump.

Products and applications for the HRS Thermblock AS include:

  • Tomato pulp and paste
  • Ketchup and pizza sauce
  • Fruit puree and concentrate
  • Jams and marmalades
  • Soups and sauces
  • Baby food


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