Jam & Marmalade Processing Equipment| HRS Heat Exchangers

Fruit Jams and Marmalades

HRS is a worldwide specialist in designing machinery and processes for manufacturing jams and marmalades, both with and without particulates. Jams and fruit bases can be produced continuously thanks to our revolutionary thermal treatment system based on the HRS Unicus Series scraped surface heat exchanger.

The HRS Unicus Series can be used to heat and cook the fruit and other ingredients, working so that the product is both cooked and pasteurised continuously. As well as HRS scraped surface heat exchangers, our range of piston pumps, evaporator technologies and our aseptic filler means we can provide a full solution for production lines. This makes it process the fruit and other ingredients while minimising any undesirable thermal effects (such as changes to organoleptic properties or nutrient loss) This provides manufacturers with a reliable, hygienic and controlled production process.