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HRS India Offers New Variants for Food Evaporation Systems

October 19, 2016 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

Highlighting our established expertise within the pulp processing sector, HRS India has gained an impressive number of orders for our food evaporation systems. The combination of our technology partnership with key clients has played an integral role in securing new growth within India’s food market.

Carefully tailored to meet the challenging requirements for fruit processing, these particular evaporation systems have been developed to process mango; however, a further proportion will be designed to meet the processing requirements of guava, papaya, tomato and some more similar fruits / foods.

HRS India has secured a notable order to design and manufacture their largest capacity evaporator to date. The bespoke system will process tomato, mango and similar foods of up to 17,000 kg per hour. For the first time, we have provided a triple effect forced circulation (Mix Flow) evaporator best suited to the process. The entire system is integrated with the preheated feed supply to pass through each stage of the evaporation effect to achieve the desired level of concentration. Precise process parameters coupled with accurate automation and controls enable enhanced heat transfer, which is exchanged in the forced circulation evaporator using mix flow technology. The product temperature, pressure and residence times will achieve a high-quality end product whilst retaining the desired product characteristics such as natural colour and flavour. Along with balance tanks, calandrias, separators and high-quality pumps, our Ecoflux* ‘K’ series heat exchangers ensure minimal fouling and increased production time, which gives the system’s efficiency the extra edge against similar technologies.

We have established a high level of competency within the processing industry, delivering proven technologies to suit a vast scale of challenging applications.  We are encouraged to further expand our expertise within the food market and to increase our foothold globally.