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HRS India Offers Aseptic Pilot Plant for Tea Concentrate

January 13, 2017 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by
Small Glass of Tea Concentrate

Our focus on enabling customers to increase energy efficiency based on application engineering is a unique proposition. For food processing, HRS offers an additional advantage to processors with our state-of-the-art steriliser and filler systems to ensure a hygienic end product with superior shelf life. The advantage is provided to a vast client base applying the HRS Monobloc Steriliser for processing mango, tomato, guava, papaya and similar fruits/foods.

A new application has been added to the range with an order for a pilot project capable of processing tea concentrate.

Our customer is one of the largest, long-standing producers of flavours and spices, focused on innovative and high-quality products within the domestic and International markets. As a market leader within their field, they aim to provide end users with ingredients closest to their most natural form in terms of taste, flavour and colour. HRS India has designed a custom-made pilot unit which includes an aseptic steriliser and single head filler for tea concentrate processing and filling. The pilot unit is the smallest system ever designed from the HRS Monobloc range.

Tea concentrate extracted from herbal / natural elements, contains fibrous and particulate matter, thus during processing of this product, it is equally challenging to preserve the original properties as best as possible. The design and quality of the proposed HRS Monobloc is ideally placed to meet the client’s requirements teamed with Ecoflux heat exchangers (smallest HRS AS series and K series) for high energy efficiency. The hygienic system also incorporates high-quality pumps, peripherals and PLC based automation controls to ensure accurate processing with integrated CIP (cleaning-in-place) process arrangement. The efficient pilot plant will ensure minimal fouling, faster and continuous processing of viscous, particulate matter in a totally sterile environment. The single head filler will ease product filling in varied sizes within the range of filling capacities provisioned.

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