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The Importance of Product Identity in Heat Exchanger Specification – PART 1

April 5, 2022 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

When it comes to choosing the right heat exchanger, the biggest factor is the nature of the materials being processed and the client’s requirements for the finished product – something that we at HRS refer …

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Reducing DOWNTIME with heat exchangers

March 22, 2022 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

The concept of Lean production, as developed by Japanese motor manufacturers such as Toyota, is now well established across a range of industries. According to the theory of lean manufacturing, anything which does not increase …

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Exploring the Growth of Plant-based Milk

March 8, 2022 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

Plant-based milk market now accounts for around 10% of the total milk market, and the growing number of consumers of plant-based milks have more choice than ever before. There are many reasons for the popularity …

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Remote Commissioning will Continue after Covid

February 8, 2022 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

The Covid-19 pandemic has had huge effects on economies around the world. Businesses have adapted to these challenges in numerous ways, changing working procedures, stockpiling goods and working remotely where possible. Restrictions on global travel …

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Considerations for effective cleaning-in-place (CIP) systems

December 13, 2021 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

The production of safe food, drink and pharmaceutical products is of paramount importance to producers and maintaining hygienic or sterile production environments and equipment is a key requirement for modern food processing machinery. Apart from …

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The Future Potential of Process Control Systems

October 19, 2021 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

Thanks to developments like Industry 4.0, digitisation, and the cloud, together with improvements in process control and communication technology, it is easier than ever to offer remote assistance and monitoring. The restrictions on travel and …

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