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Considerations for Effective Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) Systems

December 5, 2023 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by
Clean in Place System

The production of safe food and drink products is of paramount importance to producers and maintaining hygienic – in some cases sterile – production environments and equipment is a key requirement for modern food processing …

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Continuous Processing more Efficient than Dealing with Batches

November 28, 2023 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

Products such as mechanically separated meat (MSM) and meat emulsions are commonly used in a wide range of products including sausages, chicken nuggets, patties and some minced meats. Around the world there are strict rules, …

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The Right Recipe for Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

October 17, 2023 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

While corrugated tube heat exchangers are excellent for many food industry applications, some more challenging processes – such as pasteurising or cooling thick, viscous products like creams, sauces and even meat products – require a …

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Top Tips to Reduce Food Waste During Processing

June 6, 2023 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

According to some estimates, over a third of all the food produced globally is wasted. According to WRAP , the UK generates around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste a year, of which 16% comes …

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HRS I Series Meets Growing Juice Demand

April 3, 2023 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by
Orange Juice in bottles - HRS Heat Exchangers

The global fruit juice market is worth between US$100 and US$140 billion1,2 a year, with consumption increasing as consumers turn away from highly processed sugary soft drinks to healthier natural alternatives. While fruit juice concentrate …

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Energy Efficient Food Processing Solutions

March 23, 2023 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

The last twelve months have seen unprecedented activity in global energy and food markets. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 brought home not only the importance of UK and European energy security, but also …

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