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HRS Offers Ultra-Efficient Combined Aseptic Steriliser for Fresh Fruit Processor

June 3, 2016 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by

HRS Heat Exchangers has provided an ultra-efficient combined steriliser for a leading fresh fruit processor for their premises in Murcia, Spain.

The combined steriliser comprises of several key components and has been designed to process fruit puree and fruit particles in a totally sterile atmosphere.

The aseptic system incorporates a deaeration system, principally designed to ensure efficient deaeration of the product to be processed, in this case strawberries. The deaeration system removes any air present within the product to keep any thermal resistance to a minimum and counteracts oxidation processes. The HRS BP Series piston pump is applied to the process to gently handle particles while overcoming excessive shear that can damage product integrity. An ultra-efficient heat treatment module consisting of HRS corrugated tubular technology ensures optimal heating of the products. Suited to higher viscosity applications containing fibres or small particulates, the HRS AS Series allows the fruit puree to flow through the annular space and the service fluid flows through the inner and outer tubes to ensure even heating and cooling.

The hygienic double tube HRS DTA Series is applied to heat the larger particulates within the process. The hygienically designed combined steriliser from HRS attains the integrity of particulates and nutritional properties throughout the continuous sterilisation process, providing the client with food safe flavourful produce at all times.