Leading American Fruit Processor Selects HRS Pasteurisation Technology

February 15, 2017 Categories: Food - Opinion Piece

HRS Heat Exchangers USA has recently been awarded an order to supply a bespoke hygienic pasteurisation system for a leading fruit processor.

The efficient system incorporates 3-off HRS Unicus Series reciprocating scraped surface heat exchangers, with the addition of an HRS BP Series piston pump. The patented HRS Unicus Series is ideally placed for high fouling and viscous fluid applications. It has been specially designed and developed to offer a solution for those difficult heat transfer applications, where very viscous fluids are used or fouling appears. The gentle movement of the scrapers allows the system to be used with delicate products, such as food with whole fruit or vegetable pieces, without destroying the product.

HRS BP Series piston pumps are hydraulically operated positive displacement pumps that transfer mechanical energy as pressure energy. The hygienic design incorporates a separator fitted between the piston and the hydraulic chamber, to ensure there is no contact between the product chamber and the hydraulic oil.

Fruit concentrate is typically a difficult, thick product to process; the HRS fruit base pasteuriser will heat and cool the fruit concentrate, pasteurising the product to inhibit any microbiological growth with minimal shear, whilst attaining product integrity and flavour.

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