Bioethanol Heat Exchangers Solutions


Bioethanol is the most common biofuel worldwide, based on alcohols produced by the fermentation of sugars contained in corn, wheat, sugar beet, sugar cane, etc. The process also frequently produces a co-product called distiller’s grains, which is a high protein animal feed.

HRS Heat Exchangers produce a number of heat exchanger solutions for bioethanol production and associated activities. As well as general heat exchangers for condensation, heating and heat recovery, we also provide specific solutions for biomass pre-treatment via thermal hydrolysis and the concentration of distiller’s grains.


After bio ethanol production, the remaining biomass is frequently dried to produce Dried Distiller’s Grains with Solubles (DDGS or DDG). Typically the production of process involves concentrating the DDGS to increase dry matter using an evaporative process, followed by a drying process to obtain dry grains. HRS can supply equipment for these processes.

Some difficult forms of biomass may cause fouling during the evaporation process HRS successfully applies the Unicus scraped surface evaporator. Combining a Unicus evaporation process with waste heat from the dryer can be a very cost effective way of handling difficult DDG concentration processes.