Food industry pumps are not just for liquids
April 17, 2017 Categories: Food

By Matt Hale, International Sales Manager, HRS Heat Exchangers The ability to move products around during processing is an inherent need for most medium and large-scale food manufacturers. The exact requirements depend on many factors, including the nature of the product itself and the processes involved. However, they tend to fall into two types; those…

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Fighting climate change with anaerobic digestion
April 5, 2017 Categories: Environmental

The scientific consensus on climate change is now well established. 2016 was the warmest year on record, and it is clear that in order to avoid the very worst effects of climate change, we need to use every available tool to decarbonize as many aspects of society as possible, from energy generation and transport, through…

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The potential role of AD in tackling climate change
March 22, 2017 Categories: Environmental

By Matt Hale, International Sales Manager, HRS Heat Exchangers   With a few notable exceptions, such as new US president Donald Trump and our own Nigel Lawson, the scientific consensus on climate change is well established. As far back as 2004, 75%[1] of US scientific papers accepted the premise of human modification of the climate….

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Maximizing the biomethane opportunities for sewage
March 14, 2017 Categories: Environmental

By Matt Hale, International Sales Manager, HRS Heat Exchangers   In the UK, the wastewater treatment sector has used both aerobic and anaerobic treatment for many years. It is therefore not surprising that when the Renewables Obligation (RO) was introduced in April 2002 (April 2005 in Northern Ireland), sewage sludge anaerobic digestion (AD) plants were…

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Annular Space Heat Exchangers Benefit American Dairy Manufacturer
February 20, 2017 Categories: Food

A leading American dairy manufacturer selects HRS annular space heat exchangers to overcome several processing challenges within their existing processing line. HRS offered a compact single pass system incorporating triple tube technology, in place of the existing system, which was previously run in parallel lines. Designed to withstand high pressure operations, HRS AS Series hygienic…

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Leading American Fruit Processor Selects HRS Pasteurization Technology
February 15, 2017 Categories: Food

HRS Heat Exchangers USA has recently been awarded an order to supply a bespoke hygienic pasteurization system for a leading fruit processor. The efficient system incorporates 3-off HRS UNICUS Series reciprocating scraped surface heat exchangers, with the addition of an HRS BP Series piston pump. The patented HRS UNICUS Series is ideally placed for high…

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The benefits of on-site heat and power generation for food companies
February 6, 2017 Categories: Environmental - Food

Sustainability has never been higher on the agenda for food and drink companies than it is now. Not only does operating in an ethical and environmentally responsible way make sense for both planet and pocket, but it’s clear that this is what consumers want, too. Research from Globescan revealed that 92 percent of shoppers think…

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Picking the right heat exchanger for you
January 19, 2017 Categories: Opinion Piece

Heat exchangers are a well-established tool for the thermal processing of materials, such as cooking, pasteurization and sterilization, as well as heating or cooling a range of products.   When it comes to choosing the right heat exchanger for a particular situation, there is no substitute for professional advice, but you will have a better…

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HRS India Offers Aseptic Pilot Plant for Tea Concentrate
January 13, 2017 Categories: Food

Our focus on enabling customers to increase energy efficiency based on application engineering is a unique proposition. For food processing, HRS offers an additional advantage to processors with our state-of-the-art sterilizer and filler systems to ensure a hygienic end product with superior shelf life. The advantage is provided to a vast client base applying the…

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Busting the Myths about AD Pasteurization
January 4, 2017 Categories: Environmental

Whether to add pasteurization to an anaerobic digestion plant can be a contentious topic in certain circles. While there are undoubtedly benefits, including compliance with the PAS 110 standard for digestate, many plant operators and those considering biogas project see pasteurization as adding unnecessary cost and complexity to the process.   However, six years of…

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It’s here….Explore our brand new website!
December 15, 2016

After several months of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to officially announce the launch of our new website. With a bold new look and simplified navigation, the updated website is not only visually appealing, but also significantly more functional. Enhanced with a host of new features, the streamlined menus provide a more interactive…

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Recovering High Value Products Helps Food Factories Maximize Returns
November 16, 2016 Categories: Food

When processing any kind of remotely viscous food product it is inevitable that a certain amount will adhere to surfaces, such as the inside of vessels and pipe work, or become left in equipment after processing. The potential value of this lost product can soon add up, especially when handling large quantities of viscous, valuable…

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Introducing the New HRS MP Series Multi Tube Heat Exchanger
November 8, 2016 Categories: Food - Industrial

HRS Heat Exchangers are pleased to announce the launch of the new HRS MP Series Multi-Tube Heat Exchanger; the HRS MP Series is the latest innovation from our Product Development Centre. Ideally placed for hygienic and industrial applications, the HRS MP Series is a complete stainless steel multi-tube design with multiple passes on the tube…

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Annular Space Heat Exchangers Benefit Conventional Scraped Surface Applications
October 26, 2016 Categories: Food

Traditionally scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) technology has been the preferred method selected by processing lines for heating and cooling viscous products. Triple tube corrugated tubular heat exchangers, commonly known as annular space heat exchangers (AS Series) can be utilized in many applications as pre-heaters or pre-coolers prior to the SSHE. The HRS AS Series…

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HRS India Offers New Variants for Food Evaporation Systems
October 19, 2016 Categories: Food

Highlighting our established expertise within the pulp processing sector, HRS India has gained an impressive number of orders for our food evaporation systems. The combination of our technology partnership with key clients has played an integral role in securing new growth within India’s food market. Carefully tailored to meet the challenging requirements for fruit processing,…

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AD Trials Improves Biogas Plant Performance
October 14, 2016 Categories: Environmental

When it comes to anaerobic digestion, trials can range from making minor changes with the feedstock mix or dwell time, to assessing the effects of major equipment upgrades such as new CHP units or digestate processing equipment. The level of effort involved in setting up and running a trial can, in many cases, vary according…

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HRS India Provides Energy Efficient Technology for Farming Industry
August 1, 2016 Categories: Environmental

HRS India has successfully supplied Nagarjuna Fertilisers with a bespoke thermal transfer solution to overcome a challenging fertilizer production application in India. Nagarjuna Fertilisers are one of the most recognized agricultural brands in India and manufacture a broad range of specialty fertilizers to the farming sector. Energy efficiency in terms of quantum and cost is…

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Clean Sweep of Orders for HRS India
July 19, 2016 Categories: Food

Over the past 12 months, HRS India has paved the way to becoming the preferred choice amongst fruit pulp producers and exporters. Having shown great promise within the hygienic sector; HRS India has secured a string of impressive orders for their novel HRS Monobloc Sterilizer; whilst creating further sales expansion across several new states to…

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Heat: The Forgotten Element of Farm AD
July 15, 2016 Categories: Environmental

Anaerobic digestion (AD) produces many valuable and useful products, including biogas (which can then be turned into heat, electricity or biomethane gas) and digestate, a biofertilizer rich in nutrients and organic matter. However, many AD plants also produce incidental heat, which can be captured and used within the AD process or for other on-site operations….

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Trade Show News: UK AD & Biogas Exhibition & Industry Awards 2016
July 12, 2016 Categories: Trade Show News

Following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, concerns have been raised about the wide-ranging impact faced by existing AD operators, the supply chain and future developers within the AD industry. Suffice to say the recent Brexit result didn’t dampen our fifth consecutive year at the annual UK AD & Biogas exhibition, held at…

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HRS R Series Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Sales Increasing for HRS ANZ
June 29, 2016 Categories: Food

Since the release of the HRS R Series Scraped Surfaced Heat Exchanger in 2013, HRS has enjoyed its largest global sales figures from Australia and New Zealand, and the numbers are on the rise. A large number of units sold have been to the manuka honey industry in New Zealand, where cooling of the extremely…

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Continued Success for HRS Down Under
June 22, 2016 Categories: Food

HRS has been selected by one of Australasia’s largest food manufacturers based in New Zealand for the supply of a continuous pasteurizer for their new factory producing fruit and vegetable puree. The compact solution, to be delivered and commissioned this year, is part of a multi-million dollar factory fit-out to drastically increase production while lessening…

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Succession of International Business for High Pressure Applications in Oleochemicals
June 3, 2016 Categories: Industrial

HRS India has recently supplied aReactor Circulation Heater for a leading producer of oleochemical products, such as fatty acids, glycerine, esters, technical oils, specialty oleochemicals and biodiesel made from renewable raw materials through use of natural energy resources. The heat exchanger will be utilized as Critical Process Equipment (CPE) and will be applied in the…

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HRS Offers Ultra-Efficient Combined Aseptic Sterilizer for Fresh Fruit Processor
June 3, 2016 Categories: Food

HRS Heat Exchangers has provided an ultra-efficient combined sterilizer for a leading fresh fruit processor for their premises in Murcia, Spain. The combined sterilizer comprises of several key components and has been designed to process fruit puree and fruit particles in a totally sterile atmosphere. The aseptic system incorporates a deaeration system, principally designed to…

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HRS shortlisted for the UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards 2016 for a second consecutive year
May 30, 2016 Categories: Environmental

We are delighted to announce that HRS Heat Exchangers is among the 2016 Awards finalists at the UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards for a second consecutive year. Our innovative Digestate Concentration System (DCS) has been shortlisted for two awards at this prestigious event, where HRS joins four other companies in the category “Making The Most…

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Maximizing Heat Exchange Efficiency Reduces Costs
May 27, 2016 Categories: Environmental - Food - Industrial - Pharmaceutical

A heat exchanger is simply a device for transferring heat from one fluid or gas to another. Yet choosing the best-suited heat exchanger for a particular application is not that simple and requires the supplier to fully understand your process and products so that the solution delivers optimum performance throughout its working life. With 35…

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HRS Expands Trial Equipment Range in Australia and New Zealand
May 10, 2016 Categories: Food

To build on the success of trials conducted on our scraped surface heat exchanger technology, HRS has now increased our capabilities to run product trials on our unique BP Series piston pump for clients in Australia and New Zealand. The recipe is the same; with a try, before you buy€™ option for clients who are…

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Leading processor selects HRS for their efficient aseptic sterilization plant
April 14, 2016 Categories: Food

HRS Heat Exchangers has provided a leading Spanish fruit and vegetable processor with an aseptic sterilizer for a fruit concentrate application.  A leader in processing and treatment of seasonal fruits, citric fruits and vegetables, selected HRS for the design, manufacture and installation of the complete sterilization unit. The plant, which consists of several fully skid mounted…

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Rotary Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers, the optimum solution for Alimentos Profusa
April 14, 2016 Categories: Food

Alimentos Profusa, a Mexican fruit and vegetable processor approached HRS to design an aseptic thermal processing system to treat caramel syrup and fruit bases. HRS submitted two proposals based upon their scraped surface heat exchanger technologies, the HRS UNICUS and R Series. The HRS R series was selected as the optimum solution due to the…

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Kernel Export Plant Inauguration Ceremony – HRS Digestate Concentration System
April 14, 2016 Categories: Environmental

On 11th April, the President of Murcia, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, attended an inauguration ceremony for the Kernel Export biogas plant installed in Los Alcázares, Murcia (Spain). The President praised the significance of the efficient biogas plant and commented: “Kernel Export is a modern company that has grown within the traditional agricultural sector and has become…

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Selecting the Best Heat Exchange Solution for Dairy Pasteurization
April 9, 2016 Categories: Food

As a relatively stable Newtonian fluid, liquid milk presents few handling challenges, something which has resulted in the use of simple plate-type heat exchangers in the majority of dairies. However, other dairy products, such as yogurt, butter, curds and cheese can all vary according to temperature and, if handled incorrectly, may have their key textural…

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Creating a Richer Biofertilizer
February 12, 2016 Categories: Environmental

Following the welcome news that theRenewable Heat Incentive (RHI) budget is set to treble between now and 2021, Britain’s AD industry is breathing a small sigh of relief. Despite the fact that Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC)has capped FIT (Feed in Tariffs) support at the unambitious level of 20 MW per year until…

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Farmer Consortium Chooses HRS to Pasteurize Digestate
January 25, 2016 Categories: Environmental

A 5MW farmer-owned anaerobic digestion plant in Suffolk has chosen HRS Heat Exchangers to supply a new system to pasteurize its digestate; the valuable organic biofertilizer produced by the process. Agri-Gen, which is based near Woodbridge in Suffolk, is owned by a consortium of six local farmers who locally grow some 22,000 acres of arable…

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