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Fine Chemicals

The fine and specialty chemicals sector often deal with high-value products, expensive raw materials and high capital costs. In this environment product integrity and process efficiency are paramount.

The production of compounds for use in everything from paints and pigments to fuels and additives, pesticides to cosmetics and toiletries requires high standards of security and quality control. The exact requirements will depend on the chemicals involved and their properties. Some single substances will require very careful handling while certain mixtures will benefit from increased turbulence or may be prone to fouling which would otherwise reduce heat exchange efficiency.

The wide range of heat exchanger products produced by HRS means that we can offer a solution whatever chemicals you are dealing with, for batch or continuous operations. We work with our clients to understand their particular specifications and advise on the most suitable products.

Key uses of heat exchangers in the fine chemicals sector include:

  • Product cooling
  • Drying
  • Condensation
  • Separation

HRS Heat Exchangers’ products for solvent recovery:

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