HRS to showcase pasteurisation and sterilisation solutions at FoodTech Qld | HRS Heat Exchangers

HRS to showcase pasteurisation and sterilisation solutions at FoodTech Qld

June 25, 2019 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece - Trade Show News | by

HRS Heat Exchangers, Stand B30, FoodTech Qld 2019

HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase models from its comprehensive range of heat exchangers for the food industry at FoodTech Qld in Brisbane in July, with a particular focus on safe and efficient pasteurisation and sterilisation.

From stand-alone heat exchangers, such as the M Series, for food products with low or medium viscosity, to packaged pasteuriser/sterilisers which integrate aseptic filling or other processes, HRS has a solution for everything – from simple liquids to complex and viscous recipes including particles and pieces.

Chris Little, Director of HRS Heat Exchangers in Australia, explains: “While simple plate heat exchangers are still suitable for the pasteurisation of simple fluids such as milk and fruit juices, more textured and viscous products, such as cooking sauces, creams and curds, require different solutions in order to maintain their quality and texture. In order to meet this diverse range of requirements, we have created our Thermblock packaged products.

Depending on specification and the intended use, Thermblock uses the most appropriate HRS tubular heat exchanger to deliver effective and efficient thermal treatment. Each type of exchanger is also available as a standalone unit. The range comprises:

  • HRS Thermblock DTA Series: Featuring a double tube pasteuriser and steriliser for food products containing pieces or particulates, such as fruit and vegetable dices;
  • HRS Thermblock AS Series: A packaged annular-space pasteuriser and steriliser solution for thermal treatment for pasteurising and sterilising food products with high viscosity. The steriliser is composed of concentric tube heat exchangers, or annular space heat exchangers from the HRS AS Series, which are particularly suitable for high viscosity products without particulates;
  • HRS Thermblock M Series: For food with low or medium viscosity, the steriliser is composed of multitube corrugated heat exchangers from the HRS MI Series and HRS MR Series.

Other HRS heat exchangers suitable for pasteurisation and sterilisation of food products include the scraped surface R Series and Unicus Series, both of which are particularly suitable for products such as sauces and purees where viscosity and texture is a vital quality component.

To discuss the best pasteurisation or sterilisation solution for your products, visit Stand B30 at FoodTech Qld in Brisbane from 28-30 July 2019.