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Ice Cream

Ice cream is a complex product. Dairy ice cream contains milk fat and non-dairy ice cream contains vegetable fat combined with milk fat. All ice cream will also contain non-fat milk components such as proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, sweeteners, flavorings, emulsifiers and stabilizers are added during processing. Ice cream contains over 50% water from milk or other ingredients and air is incorporated into the product resulting in finely distributed air cells protected by a layer of fat globules.  Each ingredient selected for the production of ice cream has specific functions during production and are chosen specifically for their effect on the final structure and eating quality of the product.


HRS offers a range of hygienic processing components (Unicus & R Series Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers) and CIP solutions used in the production of ice cream. These suit pasteurisation and ensure that the production set up can be performed with the required flexibility.

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