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Prepared Food

Cooking is increasingly seen as a leisure activity, often focused on weekends and holidays when more time is available for the creation of complex or exotic dishes. This means that day-to-day meals are often based around ready meals and convenience foods. Also, the trend for snacking and eating ready-to-eat meals and processed foods throughout the day shows no signs of slowing down.

Successfully processing ingredients into these high-quality convenience foods required a careful balance between reliably low operating costs and maintaining the look and taste of the finished product.

To meet these demands, HRS helps customers overcome the difficulties of cooking at an industrial scale and produce products that are closer to home cooked dishes. Success in food processing operations requires a delicate balance between appearance, taste, texture and quality while ensuring costs and margins are maintained.

Volume production of any food product involves changes in product temperature during production. The choice of the heat exchanger to achieve this heating and cooling is complex and depends on the attributes of the product being manufactured.

HRS Heat Exchangers provides its customers with exceptional capabilities in technologies essential for production-critical processes such as heating, cooling and cleaning. This is why food companies prefer to partner with HRS – to ensure the best possible results across the whole spectrum of prepared foods.

HRS solutions enable our food industry customers to benefit from many of the most advanced technologies available, in full compliance with local and international regulations and other hygiene requirements. You can trust HRS to provide the best and most cost-effective solution for your particular food preparation needs.