Cooking Sauce Manufacture & Processing Equipment


Sauces based on tomato, white sauces, mayonnaise, béchamel sauce, pesto sauce and dressings are ingredients used in many commercial and domestic kitchens. Traditional tubular or plate heat exchangers can easily burn or freeze these products because of their static nature.

Rapid and effective heat exchange avoids undesirable flavors, such as a burned taste, which can be common with other types of heat exchanger. Heat exchangers used in the production of sauces must also work with high viscosity fluids and preserve any particles in the food without breaking them.

Pumps used with sauces must also have a low shear rate to provide gentle handling of the ingredients and finished sauce.

The advantage of using the Unicus Series for thermally processing sauces is that the natural properties of the ingredients are preserved.

The HRS Unicus Series allows operation without fouling over long periods of time. Because of the rapid and effective heat exchange undesirable flavours, which can be common with other types of heat exchanger are avoided.

The Unicus Series is also used in cooling processes as it can work effectively with high viscosity fluids and sauces with particles without breaking them, and can cool to near freezing temperatures if required, allowing a significant reduction in the size and cost of subsequent freezing tunnels in the process line.

Our patented HRS BP Series piston pump is also commonly used in installations for sauces, since it provides gentle fluid handling, with a low shear rate it is suitable for fluid materials which may be damaged by other technology.

HRS offers the following products suitable for this application: