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HRS Expands Trial Equipment Range in Australia and New Zealand

May 10, 2016 | Categories: Food - Opinion Piece | by
HRS BP Series Trial Equipment

To build on the success of trials conducted on our scraped surface heat exchanger technology, HRS has now increased our capabilities to run product trials on our unique BP Series piston pump for clients in Australia and New Zealand.

The recipe is the same; with a try, before you buy “option for clients who are unsure which technology is right for them”, HRS can offer a zero risk experience before any investment and with extremely low complexity in setup.

The skid’s uncomplicated design has been developed to be entirely “plug and play”, offering the client ease of operation. With minimal setup requirements, the product lines are simply connected to the test skid allowing the trial to commence.

With VSD speed control of our BP6 piston pump, clients can test their products at a nominal flow rate range of 300-3000 LPH, with a delivery pressure up to 20-30bar.

The HRS BP Series ensures operators can pump their delicate and viscous foodstuffs without damaging product integrity while inducing very low shear.

HRS is confident the addition of our test skid will further increase the already buoyant sales in Australia and New Zealand, enabling others to enjoy the benefits the technology has to offer.

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