HRS to showcase new heavy duty heat exchanger at PACK EXPO

September 6, 2018 Categories: Trade Show News

At PACK EXPO International 2018 stand E-10317, HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase its new HRS RHD Series of heavy duty heat exchangers, perfect for highly viscous, almost solid materials such as nut butters.

As one of the biggest food trends over the last two years, the nut butter market has exploded to include peanut, almond, cashew and even seed butters. But its extreme viscosity – it is almost solid at low temperatures – makes it very difficult to move through processing machinery. Even heat exchangers purposely designed for viscous materials find cold nut butters beyond their parameters. The HRS engineering team have therefore created a heavy duty version of the R Series, which is perfect for products that are almost solid – the result is the new HRS RHD Series.

The RHD Series boasts a continuous scraping action to enhance the mixing of viscous products and a unique sealing system which allows for the removal of individual tubes for cleaning or maintenance, but also offers increased strength. As well as expanding the motor size from 5.4hp to 10hp and bolstering the gearbox size accordingly, the overall heat exchanger has also been reinforced. The scraping rod is bigger and stronger, with heavy duty bearings, and lips seals. Further along the tube, an extra support for the scrapers enables them to cope with increased weight and forces, and the motor end also features an extra external support.

“Our range of rotating scraped surface heat exchangers have been proven time and time again in both food and sanitary applications for their ability to reliably process viscous products such as sauces, purées, creams and gels,” states HRS International Sales and Marketing Director, Matt Hale.

“With the addition of the new HRS RHD Series, we can now deliver these benefits to the thickest and most difficult to handle materials, such as nut butters or any semi-solid product.”

Learn more about how the HRS RHD Series can solve your highly viscous processing challenges on Stand E-10317 at PACK EXPO International 2018, Chicago, USA, on 14-17 October.

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