Discover how to remove water from biogas at UK AD & World Biogas | HRS Heat Exchangers

Discover how to remove water from biogas at UK AD & World Biogas

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HRS Heat Exchangers, Stand G201, UK AD & World Biogas Expo

HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase highlights from its extensive range of heat exchangers and treatment systems for anaerobic digestion at UK AD & World Biogas in July, with a particular focus on the benefits of removing water from biogas.

If water enters a CHP engine it can decrease its efficiency, resulting in reduced energy yields, and can cause engine damage. The HRS Biogas Dehumidification System (BDS) removes water from biogas, protecting CHP engines and improving performance. It also comes with a heat recovery section as standard, increasing an AD plant’s overall energy efficiency.

CHP engines are one of the most expensive pieces of equipment to replace on an AD plant, so looking after them makes economic sense. Plus, having an inefficient CHP will affect operating profit: a 1 MW digester operating at even 80% capacity could be losing as much as £16,000 each month.

The BDS reduces biogas temperatures from around 40ºC to approximately 5-7ºC, condensing more than 90 per cent of the water volume,” explains HRS International Sales and Marketing Director Matt Hale. “It works via a chiller system which supplies a coolant that is transferred to heat exchangers. Biogas flows on the product side of the exchanger, while the coolant flows on the service side. As the biogas cools, the water condenses from the gas, leaving a clean and dry biogas ideal for use in CHP engines.

With built-in heat recovery to increase efficiency and the ability to adapt the skid-mounted unit for ATEX-compliant applications, the HRS BDS quickly pays for itself through energy cost savings.

As well as the BDS, HRS Heat Exchangers produces a full range of products to improve the operational efficiency of biogas plants, including the HRS Digestate Pasteurisation System (DPS) and the HRS Digestate Concentration System (DCS). Heat exchangers from HRS are also used for many other purposes in the AD sector, with examples including feedstock pre-heating, exhaust gas heat recovery and heat utilisation.

To discover the benefits of removing moisture from raw biogas, and discuss the best HRS solutions for your AD plant, visit Stand G201 at the UK AD & World Biogas Expo at the NEC, Birmingham on 3rd-4th July 2019.