Orange Shoes Show The Way To Efficient Chemical Processing

Orange Shoes Show The Way To Efficient Chemical Processing

April 11, 2023 | Categories: Environmental - Industrial - Opinion Piece - Trade Show News | by

The last twelve months have seen unprecedented activity in global energy markets, and in European gas in particular.  The need to use energy efficiently, particularly in energy intensive operations such as evaporating, concentrating and waste volume reduction.

HRS Heat Exchangers produce a wide range of corrugated tube and scraped surface heat exchangers for handling materials from simple liquids and gases through to complex and highly viscous slurries and emulsions.

Our heat exchangers are based on an understanding of both fluid dynamics and fouling potential, so we create solutions which can withstand fouling, improving operational efficiency and uptime.  A difference of 5-10% in thermal efficiency will quickly translate into direct savings in energy or running costs.

One of the key measures of this is to look at the payback period required to cover the capital costs of installing the heat exchanger, or the return on investment (ROI).  A doubling or tripling of wholesale energy prices means that the payback period may reduce by half or even more. This payback period is shortest for the most efficient heat exchangers (such as those which use corrugated tube technology).

Other heat exchanger options include energy regeneration, so that energy which would otherwise be lost or wasted can be captured and reused, further improving efficiency and reducing running costs.

So far, so good. But what has this got to do with orange shoes?

Throughout 2022 the HRS Heat Exchangers team attended a number of trade shows around the world, often meeting new and existing clients for the first time since the pandemic. Throughout the year the team wore distinctive orange trainers, making them instantly recognisable not only on the stand, but also when out and about at the shows.

So, if you want to learn more about HRS solutions for chemical processing and industry, visit stand H52 at CHEMUK 2023 (10-13 May at the NEC in Birmingham), or simply look for the people wearing orange shoes!