Watch the footage from TVNZ segment on Food to Fuel

Watch the Footage from TVNZ Segment on Food to Fuel

November 16, 2022 | Categories: Environmental - Food - Opinion Piece | by

With tons of food waste from households alone, Ecogas planned to turn the waste into useful products and have just opened their first New Zealand plant in Reparoa, taking unwanted food and turning it into fuel, creating a safe fertiliser which will be used by farmers and renewable gas that is injected back to the New Zealand’s national grid.

HRS Heat Exchangers recently installed a Digestate Pasteurisation System (DPS) to Ecogas’ anaerobic digestion (AD) treatment plant. The HRS DPS plays a crucial role in ensuring that the valuable digestate produced by the process is safe for farmers and growers to use as a sustainable biofertiliser.